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Notice of New Operating Hours and Entry Fees

Hello Friends of 3PR, After much deliberation and consideration, the Pikes Peak Parrot Rescue Board of Directors has decided upon entry fees for weekend visitations. These efforts will help us raise funds to continue our mission every month, and will hopefully help raise awareness of our need for ongoing donations to continue operations. The fee […] read more

Dispelling Myths – Adult Parrots Don’t Bond

by Erica Liszewski “An adult bird won’t bond with me” is something I hear from time to time. Working with a rescue, of course, we usually deal with adult birds. And adult birds bond with people just fine. All of my birds have come to me as adults, and I’ve had some fosters that bonded […] read more

Training For Treats

by Joan Weinzierl For those of us who live in changing seasons, spring is filled with promise and new growth and sparkly unicorns dancing through fields of flowers.  ☺  For many of us with birdie roommates, it’s also filled with HORMONES.  Not our own (necessarily), but the hormonal shifts of the flockmates in our care […] read more

Training for the Future

By Erica Liszewski. Parrots live a long time. Especially the “bigger” ones, which can live as long as or longer than a human. The longer an animal lives, the more likely it’s going to have multiple human caretakers. For this reason, I think it’s important for the responsible parrot owner to prepare their bird for […] read more