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African Grey (Grey)

TJ is a 27yr old African Grey. He loves men and women and does well with other birds and pets. He really likes his chop with an occasional sunflower for a treat or almonds in the shell, but he’s not really treat motivated, more attention motivated. He’s very interactive, if you dance he’ll dance with you. If you greet him, he will greet you back. He makes fart noises, whistles, kisses, howls like a wolf, whispers “whatcha doin”, “psst” and phone ring tones. He LOVES to be on your shoulder and hang out while your doing things around the house. He will let you give him head scritches all day too! He likes to shred paper and his wooden toys. TJ loves exploring his surroundings on the floor. He’s very sensitive, so NO touching below the neck! He loves being the center of attention so we recommend he either be the only bird in the household or no more than 2 other smaller birds. He steps up right from his cage. Because African Greys require more attentiveness and are prone to plucking and other self mutilation, we will be sure to screen all potential adopters carefully to make sure they are well educated on the appropriate care TJ will require.