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Macaw (Blue)

Sapporo is a male macaw. He has had a special place in 3PR’s heart since he came to us. Because of this, we will be extra particular on his new family and home. He steps up and can be loved on, only if he likes you though. Sapporo is a super smart bird but he’s a little lazy. He loves his foraging toys, but he doesn’t want to work for his treats. He wouldn’t be able to survive without taking apart all his plastic rings. He loves pistachios, walnuts, grapes and strawberries. He absolutely despises bath time, he swears it kills him. He can say “hello” about 20 different ways, he also says “hi”, waves bye, he understands eagle and will spread his wings. He learns very quickly. He makes all kinds of crazy funny sounds, but only talks and makes sounds when you’re in the other room, never in front of you. He is curious about dogs and will purposely feed them to watch them come over. He has come out of his shell so much and is really enjoying the spotlight. He will only go to a home where he is the only bird with an experienced bird owner or with possibly one or two small birds. He deserves to be the center of attention in a family’s life!