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Amazon (Green)

Raoul is an extremely handsome Yellow Naped Amazon. But don’t let his gorgous plumage fool you, he knows he’s pretty and is VERY confident. In fact, he’s not afraid of anything or anyone. He has made it clear that he has no interest in women with dark hair…picky little thing. He has an extensive vocabulary, but will only share when HE feels like it. Some of the things he says are “wanna fight” “there’s a fire.” If you crouch down by his cage and he’s interested in you, he’ll crouch down too and stalk you, walking where you walk, just staring at you. But if he REALLY likes you, he’ll laugh with you. He absolutely loves fresh bananas and is just learning about shredding paper, which he seems to like! Raoul can step up and is hand tame, but it will take an experienced bird owner to handle Raouls confidence