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Cockatoo (White)

Peachie is a 17yr old female Citron Cockatoo. She was bonded with Cuddles in the rescue but the two have had a change of heart and have been doing better separated! If you ask her permission, she may deem you worthy to give her head scritches, but if you don’t ask she’ll think you’re being rude. She isn’t really the loving type, she’s more of a class clown troublemaker that keeps you laughing. She doesn’t talk, but she makes all kinds of sounds especially when she’s excited and sticks her crest up all the way. She is extremely curious and enjoys getting into everything and wanting to know what everything is. She really loves admiring herself in the mirror too, she’s a little vain. She’s also been known to ride around on the broom while you’re sweeping. Her favorite past time is tearing up old phonebooks and newspaper. There isn’t much that scares Peachie, she’s a pretty confident girl. She doesn’t have a preference with men or women. She does not do well with other birds. She needs a family that can provide lots of toys and out of cage time and no other pets so that she can be the center of attention. Think of her as having a full-time toddler in your home for the next 25 years! We also must make sure that you are aware of the sexual nature of Cockatoos and are aware of the “no-no” petting spots! DO NOT pet them anywhere below the neck as this will cause sexual frustration that will cause plucking and could cause other severe health problems like prolapse!