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Cockatoo (White)

Harvey is a male 15yr old Umbrella Cockatoo. He is the craziest sweetest cockatoo we’ve ever seen. His vocabulary is amazing too! He says hi Harvey, I love you, step up, hello, I love papa, laughs, I love Harvey, hi pretty boy, mmmm, good boy, peek-a-boo. Harvey loves men and women. He’ll preen your hair and wants to be wherever you are. And boy does this guy have some serious dance moves! He loves music. He gets along great with kids, other birds and dogs (we don’t know about cats). He goes bonkers over almonds and scrambled eggs. But we want to make sure you’re aware, he is a Cockatoo and can get into screaming fits. He can be SUPER loud! Harvey is just a super sweet fun loving guy that wants to be the center of your world. He will require a LOT of attention and out of cage time so will need an experienced bird owner. He’d be great with someone that works from home or is retired.