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Cockatoo (White)

Cuddles is a 17yr old female Umbrella Cockatoo. She was bonded with Peachie in the rescue but the two have had a change of heart and have been doing better separated! Cuddles likes everyone & will let you give her head scritches and step up once she gets to know you. She loves when you play classic rock, sing and dance with her during her showers. She will put her crest up and start flapping & shaking her tail feathers. She says hello, I love you, pretty girl, whistles and mumbles all kinds of cute phrases we can’t make out. She is the epitome of adorable! Cuddles will go coocoo for banana chips and almonds. She always loves to be with you and is very interactive. She climbs down off of her cage just to follow you around and be a part of what you’re doing. She would do well in a family that can provide lots of toys and out of cage time. Because of the demanding nature of Cockatoos, Cuddles would do best in a home with no other birds or pets. Think of her as having a full-time toddler in your home for the next 40 years! We also must make sure that you are aware of the sexual nature of Cockatoos and are aware of the “no-no” petting spots! DO NOT pet them anywhere below the neck as this will cause sexual frustration that will cause plucking and could cause other severe health problems like prolapse!