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Think Adoption First!

Hundreds of companion birds are surrendered to front range shelters every year!

3PR exists to help solve the homeless parrot issue in the Pikes Peak area by providing care for companion birds surrendered to shelters and finding them loving, permanent homes with adopters that we educate to help them meet the unique needs of parrots as pets.

*Due to current PACFA Licensing requirements and in/out state laws, we cannot adopt outside of Colorado*

Parrots are highly intelligent and social animals, but retain their natural behaviors and instincts since they are wild animals and not domesticated.  A normal parrot will have many natural behaviors that must be absolutely accepted by their owners in advance in order for both bird and human to start a healthy relationship.

Click here for general information on parrots species and characteristics.

Things to consider before adding a parrot to your home:

  • Parrots are vocal and loud as in the wild they live amongst trees and call to each other over long distances
  • Parrots are built to chew and may destroy items or damage your home
  • Parrots emit droppings frequently and indiscriminately every 10-30 minutes
  • Parrots are messy eaters, dropping and throwing food as they please
  • Parrots live a long time, from 15 – 80+ years depending on the species
  • Parrot diets, cages, toys and veterinary care is more expensive than dogs or cats
  • Parrots are sensitive and intelligent animals, and require a great deal of social interaction and stimulation

If you are ready to make the commitment to provide a loving home and proper care for a bird please consider adopting a bird from 3PR or other companion bird rescues.